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This case study showcases an observability platform for machine learning models that I designed while serving as the head of the product design department at Aporia, a technology company that specializes in providing businesses with innovative solutions for managing their machine learning models. The platform was designed to help data scientists and engineers identify and address issues with their models in real-time, providing them with actionable insights and recommendations to improve their model's performance. In this case study, I will present two mini-case studies that highlight my design process and how it helped improve the usability and functionality of the platform.

Direct data source connection

Feature Overview

The "direct data source connection" feature developed allows users to seamlessly connect their data sources to Aporia's platform. This new feature eliminates the need for Aporia to manage and store client data, resulting in improved data security, reduced workload for Aporia's team, and a more streamlined user experience. By enabling users to easily connect their own data sources, Aporia is providing a more flexible and customizable solution that meets the unique needs of each individual client.

Direct data source connection

Challenges & Pain points

  • The increasing complexity of data privacy regulations and compliance requirements made it more difficult for Aporia to store and manage client data securely. 

  • Difficulty in managing and organizing all of the different datasets effectively as the number of clients and data sources grew.

  • Challenges in meeting the unique needs of each individual client

  • High overhead costs are associated with managing and storing large amounts of client data.

  • Limited flexibility for clients who wanted to bring their own data sources into the platform and customize their analysis.

  • Cumbersome Integration Process for Traditional ML Monitoring Solutions, Traditional ML monitoring solutions require importing an SDK to production code, which is time-consuming and requires the assistance of software engineers. On average, it can take up to 3 weeks to integrate a single model, which can significantly slow down the development and deployment process.

  • Dependence between team members involved in the process


Direct data source connection

Some Numbers

3% from the companies I talked with have identical workflows or methodologies for their machine-learning pipeline. This underscores the need for flexible and adaptable approaches to data science within different organizational contexts.

Discovering that over 60% of data scientists encounter challenges integrating their initial models into Aporia underscores the potential necessity for added support or training in this specific domain.

Over 50% of surveyed data scientists want to independently integrate their models into Aporia, showing a preference for user-friendly tools. Offering easy-to-use resources can empower data scientists, fostering self-sufficiency in model deployment and management

Direct data source connection

Main Goals

  • Minimize friction and obstacles related to data security by providing clients with the option to store their data within their own systems.
    Reduce workload for Aporia's team by eliminating the need to manage and store client data.

  • Provide a more streamlined and customizable user experience.

  • Increase flexibility for clients by allowing them to connect their own data sources and tailor their analysis to their specific needs.

  • Enable users to quickly connect their own data sources to Aporia's platform, reducing the amount of time they need to spend in the system before deriving insights and value from their data analysis.

  • Position Aporia as a leader in the ML field by providing innovative solutions to client needs.

  • Establish market standardization. Through my research, I discovered that companies store their information differently. If we can develop a standard method, it would be advantageous for our users and position Aporia as the industry leader.

Direct data source connection

Users Persona

Direct data source connection

Process & Timeline

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Direct data source connection

Direct data source connection



Direct data source connection

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